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If you are committed to excellence in treating your fertility clients then you should consider investing in the leading course on fertility and Chinese Medicine.

Practitioners who have completed the Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture are trusted specialists supporting all aspects of fertility in women and men, including IVF and other artificial reproductive techniques.


Why I created this Diploma

I know that continued professional development has transformed my practice; both in how I help my clients clinically, and in how I run my business.

That’s why I launched the UK’s first Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture in 2017, and why I created this online Advanced Level Diploma in 2019. The Diploma is the culmination of my years working as a Fertility, Gynaecology and Obstetric Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

I am working to build the Fertility Support Trained logo into a recognised mark of quality that consumers across the world can rely on to know that their practitioner is trained to the highest level and is committed to continuing their development in this fast moving area of specialisation.

Naava Carman

Fertility Support Trained Logo

“I started Naava’s course feeling fairly confident as a fertility practitioner, but I completed it feeling like I’d reached a significant new level of practice. The depth of knowledge she instills is more than worth the investment but on top of that you complete the course with a community of practitioners with whom you can refer to for advice and knowledge, meaning the benefits from the course continue far beyond the study sessions.”

“In over 20 years of practice I have not applied course content to the level that I have been able to do following Naava’s training.”

“Naava is very supportive and approachable and creates a supportive learning environment. I have benefited from ongoing support about complex fertility issues both from Naava and the network of experienced fertility acupuncturists set up as part of the group. On many occasions this has proved invaluable in clinic when a new or complex situation arises. It genuinely feels that learning continues to develop and deepen.”


The Advanced Level Diploma is comprised of five modules covering a total of 72 topics

Reproductive Immunology: Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy

Reproductive Immunology: Understanding and treating the immune system for fertility and pregnancy

The immune system gives us a lens through which to reconsider the whole body and its fertility journey, and the ability to treat clients in a way that can change the outcome when nothing else seems to be working.

Treating complex diseases of pregnancy with Chinese Medicine

Treating complex diseases of pregnancy with TCM

How to treat complicated cases presenting in pregnancy which are poorly addressed by a lot of mainstream literature, including PUPPP/PEP, abdominal pain, thrush, cystitis and maternal toxaemia.

A new Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to PCOS, OHSS and other hormonal issues

A new TCM approach to PCOS, OHSS and other hormonal issues

How to apply my innovative new approach to using TCM to treat the toughest cases of these syndromes, alongside endometriosis, amenorrhoea, and related conditions.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to support Artificial Reproductive Techniques

Using TCM to support Artificial Reproductive Techniques

Understanding and treating all aspects of ART – preparation, execution and aftermath – including discussion of epigenetics and the enduring lifestyle and psychological implications.

Renew and reinvigorate your acupuncture practice with practical marketing techniques

Renew and reinvigorate your practice with practical marketing techniques

To have a thriving practice, one that is not just good, but great, we need to do “the inside work” on ourselves to identify our patterns, failures, pitfalls, self-sabotaging behaviour and where these come from. This module provides practical marketing techniques to give you personal and professional inspiration.


This Diploma offers so much more than just lectures...

Access videos on any device
20 hours of exclusive high-quality video content covering 72 different topics accessible on any device
Slides which keep pace with the recording
Easy to read slides displayed in-video and downloadable, so you never lose your place and can study at your own speed
Tests to ensure you have learnt key points
Helpful tests at the end of modules to ensure you have learnt the key points
Access to medical studies
Access to reference documents including medical studies
Downloadable materials to use in clinic
Downloadable materials which can be used in clinic for client support
Earn CPD/CEU points awarded by professional bodies in the US, Australia and New Zealand
After gaining the Diploma, benefit from continued support through a community of fellow specialists
Listing on as a Fertility Support Trained practitioner to boost your profile and SEO

Invest in yourself in order to grow your knowledge, your income and your confidence


This Diploma represents a significant investment in terms of time and money, but there are lots of flexible options to help you.

Learn at your own pace:

  • Once you have bought a module, or the full course, you continue to have access to it without time limit for completion.

  • Even after completion you can always return to watch the lectures again.

  • Feeling stuck on a particular point? Just get in touch with Naava to ask your question.

Three different ways to pay:

  1. Pay for all five modules together and save over £200.

  2. Pay as you go for each of the five modules individually (instalment plans available).

  3. Spread the cost by paying for the Diploma in three monthly instalments and still save 10%.

The value keeps going after you've finished the course

As a Fertility Support Trained Acupuncturist you are able to access a range of additional support and resources for free:

  • Membership of a supportive community of fellow practitioners who actively work together to continue the development of their knowledge and skills.
  • Additional free training provided by Naava and guest speakers and access to the archive of these training sessions.
  • For non-herbalists, the ability to work with Naava to get herbal medicine support for your clients.
  • Cooperative marketing initiatives and social media campaigns.
  • Use of the Fertility Support Trained logo and listing on Naava's websites (subject to continued relevant CPD).

The provision of these additional benefits is at the discretion of the company and may change over time. To maintain access to these benefits you must complete relevant further professional education each year. In some circumstances, at the company's discretion, you may be required to undertake an additional test or interview before receiving the Diploma.

The best advocates for this Diploma are its graduates

Hannah Pearn

This Diploma course is essential if you're working in fertility. The level of detail and information isn't available anywhere else.

I can't emphasise enough how much this came at the right time and was the right training for me to change the way I work and how I feel about it. Having the confidence in your knowledge will shine through and automatically attract more fertility clients.

For me it was revolutionary and I am very grateful. I now have a full clinic and a waiting list, can't ask for more than that!

Rachel Sherriff

If you are interested in specialising in fertility acupuncture then this is the best course out there! It allows a thorough understanding of western medical techniques and allows you to be more confident in complex cases.

It allowed me to transform my practice and transform my mindset! I have had my two best months ever in terms of gross income and that's in a pandemic!

I would highly recommend the Diploma to anyone looking to transform both their practice and their mindset.

Alexandra O'Connor

The Diploma course is the singularly most empowering course I have taken and it has totally changed the way I work.

The course went way beyond my expectations with the level of detail and knowledge shared about fertility issues from a Western medicine perspective and how to relate that back to the system of Chinese medicine.

Since taking this Diploma my practice has completely changed, I now specialise in working with people struggling with long term unexplained infertility or recurrent IVF failure; for the first time I am regularly running a waiting list for spaces on my treatment table.

Louise Collyer

If you want to take your understanding of working with fertility to a specialist level, this is the course to do that. I am grasping the complex matters of fertility in a way I didn't feel able to before.

I had a VERY busy practice when I started this course, and doing the Diploma helped me think about HOW I want to work.  Not just numbers of patients, but quality of patients. It gave me the confidence to charge more and see less patients to work more deeply with the ones I have.

Valerie Salt

The Diploma gives you the knowledge to be confident in the treatment room when checking test results are optimal and what course of treatment is best, whether it is TCM or Western medicine or a combination. It also gives useful dietary and lifestyle advice.

The training includes research papers as well as some resources for the patients so they can feel empowered when going through fertility treatment.

The Diploma course has given me renewed focus, expert level knowledge and a network where I feel supported and can ask questions.

Julie Foley

I really enjoyed the course, Naava is a great teacher, and forced her practitioners to think outside the box, she is also totally passionate about developing and enhancing practitioners skills after completion of the course.

I cannot stress enough how great Naava is as a role model to all us practitioners, she is engaging, kind, thoughtful and passionate about her work and developing her practitioners beyond completion of her course, and I’m very grateful to have had the pleasure of her teaching me.


To qualify for the Diploma you must either have been in practice for five years or pass an equivalency quiz.

If you have been in practice for five years or more since qualifying as an acupuncturist then you can upload and send evidence (such as your graduation certificate) using this form.

Alternatively you can take a short quiz to check your level of knowledge about treating fertility and whether the Diploma would be right for you.

Please note that if you have not been in practice for five years since qualification and do not pass the quiz then you will not be awarded the Diploma even if you complete the Diploma course.

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