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Every month in The Growth Partnership we get together to have a live interactive Mini Mastermind where I talk and teach on a particular topic or tackle a particular complex case that one of the community has brought for discussion.

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MiniMastermind #1: Time Management

We discussed time management (how to do it and how not to do it) and we also had a really interesting complex thyroid and oedema-related herbal case discussion that wove together biomedical, TCM and patient management strategies.


MiniMastermind #2: Diagnosing Complex Cases

This was a session focused on diagnosing a complex case from my practice and led to an interactive discussion about how to get the right approach to complex cases by really focusing on the TCM diagnosis. To follow this discussion please first download this case history handout.


MiniMastermind #3: Cancellation Policies

Cancellation policies are a bit of a nightmare for self-employed practitioners. In this session we examined why cancellations are so "triggering" for us and how we can implement a pain-free experience when our clients are triggered by our boundaries.


MiniMastermind #4: Social Media

Many people find getting social media right to be difficult and the size of the problem often puts us off tackling it. In this session I provider my step-by-step guide to: getting out of your own way, connecting to your own values and planning your content. We also had a great conversation about patient management, especially around the initial consultation.


MiniMastermind #5: Our Secret Insecurities

We all have our secret insecurities as practitioners and in this session I explain how these insecurities can be overcome with simple practice management hacks. I want to say a particular thank you to the three Growth Partnership Members who allowed me to help them work through their challenges. This is an interactive session for everyone, so have a pen and paper ready.


MiniMastermind #6: Creating a buying environment

Getting clients, getting clients to commit to the right level of treatment, keeping clients when things get difficult...our instinct in these circumstances is to go into "sales mode". But what if you could use being curious, being present in the moment with our clients, and really listening to create an environment in which your client wants to "buy" without you actually having to "sell"?


MiniMastermind #7: Overselling and underselling

Following on from the previous month's session on the buying environment, this discussion is all about how people make decisions and how we can harness this when it comes to taking action with clients.


MiniMastermind #8: Taking a client history

In this MiniMastermind session you can watch see me 👉 Taking a full medical and TCM history, 👍 Making and taking about how I make a diagnosis, 🤜 Making a treatment plan, 👉 Choosing acupuncture points, 👍 Constructing a herbal formula. Thank you to the wonderful Valerie for being my client for the evening!


MiniMastermind #9: Ask-me-anthing & Male fertility case study

This MiniMastermind started with an Ask-Me-Anything session where I talked through some questions coming from member of the Growth Partnership community. We then worked through a fascinating male fertility case study from my practice. I talked through my approach to diagnosis, treatment and shared a herbal formula.


MiniMastermind #10: Planning your year

In this session to kick-off 2023 we talked about how to set stretching goals with realistic expectations about what can be done. Most importantly, I coached everyone on how to have the right mindset, not just to make plans that really serve your needs, but to succeed in implementing those plans by being honest about the barriers that exist and planning how you will overcome them.


MiniMastermind #11: Tiredness Strategies for Practitioners

Tiredness is pretty much universal when you're a self-employed practitioner seeking to care for your clients, run your business and meet the demands of your personal life. In this MiniMastermind session we talked about some practical actions that you can take straightaway to change the dynamics of your working and personal life. When watching this you can use the coaching questions I set out to reframe the how and why of your tiredness, then you can take some of the actions I suggest to help you thrive. My thanks to those who contributed their experiences to the discussion and demonstrated exactly how these strategies work.


MiniMastermind #12: Creating Successful Onboarding Processes

Onboarding is all about getting every new enquiry from your ideal clients to smoothly transition into a new client, and every new client to transition into a client who will recommend you. We talked about the dos and don'ts, and most importantly, the whys. Thank you so much to Andrea and Deanna for putting themselves forward as examples for discussion.


MiniMastermind #13: Changes and Challenges

This session was all about how to make and manage changes and challenges in our businesses and in our lives (where there is an impact on your business. We start with me talking about my experiences of making changes in my business and personal life and the impacts they've had. I then talk to Sadie who brings her challenges to the session for discussion. You can work through strategies for your own changes and challenges using the framework and questions I set out in the video.


MiniMastermind #14: Headaches

In this MiniMastermind we were talking all about headaches. Different types of headaches and how to adjust our diagnosis and treatment accordingly. We then broke up into small groups to analyse a really complex case from my clinic. This one was a great exercise in disentangling multiple possible diagnoses to get to a treatment approach. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed their thoughts and questions.


MiniMastermind #15: Change your story

This session was all about shifting our beliefs about ourselves: about who we are; what's possible for us; and our ability to take action to move forward. I want to particularly thank those who shared their stories, their problems, and their fears. It was intense at times because calling out our limiting beliefs, acknowledging the discomfort and disquiet we feel in our lives, is not the easy path, even though it is necessary.


MiniMastermind #16: Challenging clients

There are clients who challenge us, and there are clients who we need to challenge. In this session we looked at our own patterns and discomfort with awkward conversations and at our boundaries. I gave everyone 6 key steps to help deal with challenging client scenarios with care and serenity without sacrificing boundaries.


MiniMastermind #17: The Power of Packages

Selling treatment packages has advantages for us as practitioners, but the way we implement them has to make sense to our clients (and to us!) This was a great discussion that covered a lot of ground as to how you can create packages that really work, whatever stage of development your business is at. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion and participated in the breakout rooms, where it's always great to see people really sharing and supporting each other.


MiniMastermind #18: Guarantee your results?

How can you guarantee your results? In this session I talk about what I do as a practitioner with my clients to maximise success and address areas where we haven't achieved our goals. Then I talk through the questions you need to look at  your processes so you can get in front of problems you're already aware of, but don't know what to do to fix. And of course I offer a bit of advice to some members of our community who are considering these questions.


MiniMastermind #19: Male fertility testing and treatment

For this MiniMastermind Ian Stones, an acupuncturist by training and also the founder of the at-home testing service for male fertility. Ian talked about the limitations in the usual approach to male fertility and the diagnostic tests that are available to get the correct diagnosis. We then discussed a male fertility case study where the testing was used to inform the TCM diagnosis and treatment.


MiniMastermind #20: Adrenal PCOS

This is "a bit of a lecture" all about Adrenal PCOS, the often-overlooked type of PCOS. There's information here about: 👉 How do we diagnose it? 👉 What are the markers for it? 👉 And most importantly, how do we treat this with our TCM skills? The session included a case history from my clinic and I included some of the acupuncture points and herbal formulae I used.


MiniMastermind #21: Now, Never, Later

For January I wanted to do some foundational organising for the year. I used these 3 steps to lead everyone through my process: 1️⃣ Getting our To Do lists up to date.  2️⃣ Figuring out what needs to be done now, what needs to be done later, and what needs to come off the list permanently, either by delegating or deleting.  3️⃣  Working through areas where we’re feeling stuck.


MiniMastermind #22: The 3 things you need to do to build a sustainable practice

This discussion was a free insight into the work we do in our year-long Mastermind Groups to get you from just starting out or "just getting by" as a practitioner to having a sustainable practice that makes you money without costing your family life or your mental health. We talk about 3 key things you need to do to make your practice a sustainable success and how you can start doing these things in practice.


MiniMastermind #23: Building long term relationships with your clients

We all want to have committed, responsive clients working in partnership with us for a common goal. However, all too often we have clients who don't come regularly enough, don't follow our advice, and make us feel like we're constantly struggling to keep them coming back for treatment. This session is all about how to work with your clients to create a shared understanding and a mutual commitment to the treatment process.


MiniMastermind #24: Building mental resilience as you grow your business

How do you cope when things are going slowly, wrongly or disappointingly in your business? This MiniMastermind is all about understanding and learning from what you may see as 'failures' in your business. We discuss how to normalise and even encourage uncomfortable feelings as part of your growth, as you develop from a start-up to an established business.


MiniMastermind #25: Resolving Phlegm

This MiniMastermind was a bit different to my usual, as this was a straightforward hour's lecture that got back to some fundamental TCM and took a deep dive into Resolving Phlegm, covering: 👄 How TCM defines Phlegm, 👁️The scope of it's influence, 💙 The role of the Zang Fu organs in phlegm physiology, 👃Typical and weird phlegm symptoms, 👅 Tongue and pulse picture,  🌿 Approach to treatment for acupuncturists and herbalists.


MiniMastermind #26: Breaking up with clients

Ending a client relationship requires firm boundaries, guts, the ability to hold space for discomfort, and sometimes, a willingness to not be liked by the other person. In this session I tell the story of a very difficult client relationship and how I had to act to bring it to a close. (Trigger warning: the story involves a neonatal death.) I then give you questions that you can use to identify when client relationships are no longer working and how to end them in the best way for you and your client.


MiniMastermind #27: Fibroids

This was a mini-lecture on fibroids: 👉 what they are, 👉 what they do, 👉 Western diagnosis and treatment, 👉 TCM diagnosis and treatment.
After this mini-lecture I had a great chat about the practical ways to help avoid "the summer slump" in client numbers, or indeed the 3 month cycle of feast/famine in client numbers that so many of us have.


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