You are invited to join hundreds of Chinese Medicine practitioners from all over the world who want to grow and develop their practice in Naava Carman’s community.

What is the Growth Partnership?

The Growth Partnership is a supportive, respectful and professional community of practitioners committed to improving their knowledge and practice. It is a place to receive exclusive free training and share your learning journey.

What do I get when I join the Growth Partnership?

Access to the Growth Partnership Facebook Group

Training from Naava to support you on the journey to reach your full potential as a practitioner.

Priority access to Fertility Support Training Mastermind Courses.

Access to monthly live ‘Mini Mastermind’ sessions with Naava to get support and advice on developing your practice.

Training content will include TCM,  biomedicine, building you practice, patient management, marketing, and getting your mindset right for achieving your goals.

Find and work with an Accountability Partner to share your journey with you, with guidance on how best to make this relationship work.

How much does is cost to join the Growth Partnership?

Nothing! It's free to join the Growth Partnership.

Webinar: How to make money ethically in Chinese Medicine

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