Personal mentoring to support you on your professional journey

Personal mentoring to support you on your professional journey

Every practitioner needs to be able to access additional support as they navigate through their career.

I offer mentoring sessions to provide personalised support. 

These sessions can cover whatever areas are identified for development, for example:

Naava Carman offers mentoring to personalised Chinese Medicine practitioners at all levels

Clinical mentoring

To support you with...

  • complex fertility case diagnosis

  • understanding biomedical information for fertility to support your TCM

  • brushing up your clinical skills, like how to use a comprehensive history to fully understand your client and their needs 

Practice management

To help you...

  • professionalise your customers' experience
  • make your practice more inclusive and diverse
  • handle difficult clients
  • identify your path for specialisation
  • establish the right mindset to embrace success - whatever that looks like for you

Business growth 

To find the right strategy for you, whether you...

  • have just started in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • are looking to grow an established practice
  • have a busy practice but need to make more money from your business
  • are ready to take the step from being a specialist to being a recognised expert

Is mentoring right for you?

Mentoring is not teaching or a training course, and it is not the right way to learn a new set of skills - for that, there are lots of courses available.

My mentoring will offer you guidance that helps you think through the clinical, business and development questions that come up in you practice and use your knowledge and skills to strategise the answers to those questions.

There is no standard experience in mentoring, each engagement is a personalised programme to help you develop.

The cost of mentoring is £250 per hour, with a minimum commitment period.

To be added to my waiting list, please fill in the application form below.

“I have had two sessions with Naava over Skype and was able to go through case notes with her and discuss my current concerns and questions.

"I found it really helpful to have someone to talk to and bring a new perspective. Naava directed my questioning and helped me to go back to basics to look at the underlying issue and how best to move forward.

– Acupuncturist, North London

“I have found Naava to be an excellent mentor. She has a lovely calm manner and delivers information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Naava is also very supportive and tends to guide you through a process rather than just give you information.

"Naava has a fantastic understanding of the business side of being a practitioner and has given me great advice and support in this respect as well as sharing her experience.”

– Acupuncturist, Newcastle

“Naava has readily shared her expertise in diagnosis and treatment, acting both as a guide and as a critical friend. At each meeting, we systematically went through the case-notes where I was able to discuss my concerns and the treatment strategy with her.

“Naava has never made me feel lacking in preparation or the experience to treat people with fertility issues. She is a thorough, clear and patient mentor who has helped me in the development of my practice as an acupuncturist."

– Acupuncturist, Brighton

“Thank you so much for such an informative and helpful chat this morning! You have certainly given me food for thought; not just regarding this particular patient, but also in how I can conduct more thorough and meaningful consultations in the future.

– Acupuncturist, Cardiff

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