Using TCM to support Artificial Reproductive Techniques

Artificial Reproductive Techniques are complicated. This module breaks down every step of these processes, from first investigations, to exploratory or diagnostic procedures, to IVF/FET/Donor egg cycles. These are explored from a biomedical and TCM point of view, to empower you as a practitioner to serve your clients in an effective and individuated manner. You’ll be provided with supporting research papers, reflective notes, and sample case histories.

Please note that this is an Advanced Level Course and may not be suitable for less-experienced practitioners.

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Accredited for CPD/CEU points:

  • NCCAOM: 10.5 PDA points
  • ABORM: 10.5 CEU points
  • California: 10.5 (Cat1) credits
  • Florida: 47 CE points for the full Diploma
  • Texas: 41 CAE hours for the full Diploma

10.5 hours of continuing education credits in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many other countries.

Testimonials: What was the most important part of this course for you?

Learning how to work more effectively with patients suffering with endometriosis going through IVF.

Louise Collyer, Co-founder, Jesmond Natural Health and Fertility

The male infertility section because it plays a big role in fertility and miscarriage, even when a sperm analysis appears normal.

Valerie Salt, Acupuncturist

The resources for patients are good in this course and I now have a deeper knowledge of the individual drugs used in ART.

Sally Kean-Hammerson, Acupuncturist and Herbalist

The depth of knowledge about the Western medical protocols and processes. I use this depth of knowledge to support my clients through IVF treatment but also to encourage them to question decisions and self-advocate when necessary when discussing things with their doctors.

Alexandra O'Connor, Fertility Acupuncture Specialist

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