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Take the step up from fertility specialist to fertility EXPERT 🇺🇸

Congratulations, you are about to take the first step from specialist to expert AND save over $250!

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This Diploma gives you:

  • World-leading training in integrating TCM and Western medicine for fertility
  • Training in my Adaptive Approach which updates TCM diagnosis and treatment for fertility
  • 20 hours of lectures broken down into 72 digestible videos
  • 105 downloadable supporting documents including case studies, research papers, point selections, herbal formulae, handouts to use with your patients and quizzes to help you learn
  • High definition videos and sound on a user-friendly website that you can access on any device

And once you have completed the Diploma, there's even more:

  • A supportive community of expert fertility acupuncturists with whom to discuss complex cases and common challenges
  • Your name added to the map of qualified practitioners on www.fertilitysupport.expert and the ability to use the 'Fertility Support Trained' logo on your marketing material
  • 12 months of free access to the archive of 30 hours of additional exclusive training provided to Diploma graduates
  • 12 months of free access to exclusive new live training every month to continue your professional development
  • Exclusive discounts on new courses
  • Collaborative marketing efforts

To receive the Diploma you must pass a final assessment. In some circumstances, at the company's discretion, you may be required to undertake an additional test or interview before accessing the benefits of the Diploma.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

The Diploma is accredited for continuing education points with NCCAOM, ABORM, the Florida Board, California Board and recognised by other States that accept NCCAOM certified courses. Certificates of hours for these and other accreditation bodies can be provided on request.

You are about to save over $250!

By buying these courses as a package - whether in one payment or 3 monthly instalments - you are saving more than 10% (over $250) compared to buying them individually.

I look forward to welcoming you into our community!