Fat Positive Fertility for Healthcare Practitioners

Pay What You Can

We believe that this course is vitally important in changing the way people in bigger bodies are able to access fertility treatment. We have therefore sought to lower the barriers to people taking the course by introducing a "pay what you can" option.

If you have a successful practice and are able to pay the full price then please do so. If you are not then please choose a price you can afford between £75 and the full price. 

Help your fat clients get the best healthcare treatment and the best experience in your practice

This course will help you challenge social and medical preconceptions about your clients' body size. Using an evidence-based approach, Fat Positive Fertility Expert Nicola Salmon will change the way you work with people in bigger bodies, helping you build a more inclusive and effective practice that empowers your clients.

By completing this course you will:

  • Make your business more inclusive to fat folks
  • Take practical steps to reduce harm to clients in bigger bodies
  • Learn how you can identify any internal bias around weight in your personal and professional life
  • Understand how you can divest from the diet culture that has infiltrated every caring profession
  • Be eligible to join the Fat Positive Fertility Network

What's in the course?

  • Two hours of high definition video lectures
  • Two hours of coursework and worksheets
  • 100 slides
  • An audit with practical steps to make your clinic, your language and your marketing more fat positive
  • A review of all relevant research covered by the courses
  • Recommended reading to take your learning further

Learn in the best way for you:

  • Watch the videos with integrated slides and subtitles (English only)
  • Listen to downloadable audio files wherever and whenever you want
  • Read the transcripts of the videos
  • Write your notes on the slides by printing the full slide pack
  • Search the subtitles to jump to any word or phrase in the video
  • Test your learning with the end of course quiz

Join the Fat Positive Fertility Network:

On completing this course you will be eligible to join the Fat Positive Fertility Network, a collective of practitioners who are willing to stand up to weight stigma.

Money should not be a barrier

This course is one of our 'safer practice for every-body' courses and we believe every practitioner should seek to be trained in these issues. As such we have tried to make this course as affordable as possible. If you find that you would like to access this course but cannot afford the minimum price it at this time, please contact Naava.

Pay What You Can

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