Lichen sclerosus can be hugely debilitating but is a much misdiagnosed condition. It is a physically and psychologically sensitive condition and the way patients are treated by their practitioner has a huge impact.

  Why I created this course

For many years I only sought to treat cases of lichen sclerosus through the lens of dermatology, as that was the accepted wisdom. However, I found that there was a dearth of literature on the subject, so I spent a lot of my time feeling my way through and carefully watching what did and didn't work for my patients.

As my practice developed to specialise in complex fertility cases I found that I was seeing more cases and I started approaching my treatment through the lens of the immune system. Using my experience of reproductive immunology and my successful use of TCM to deal with fertility issues, I built a new approach to diagnosis and treatment which has worked wonders for my clients.


Taking a step back for a broader view

In creating this course I felt the need to take a step back and have a broader look at how lichen sclerosus affects sufferers. This is such a problematic condition in a large part because of the patriarchal approach that is inherent in so much Western medicine. Female patients are so often dismissed, disbelieved and distrusted; an experience which is even more common for patients of colour or those with bigger bodies. This leads to misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatments and an overall lack of concern for the patient's emotional welfare.

The long term impacts for sufferers of lichen sclerosus can be devastating; robbing them of their day-to-day comfort, their dignity and their sex life. It is so important that, as practitioners, we listen to our clients and understand the psychological impact of this condition as well as the physical impact.


A compact course with a lot of punch

This course will allow you to understand lichen sclerosis from both a TCM and Western medical point of view. It covers herbal medicine and how functional medicine and lifestyle changes can support treatment. It will also help you understand the lived experience of people with lichen sclerosus. You can see more details of the course content below.

The course is divided into 6 topics with a total of 2 hours of video lectures integrated with 30 slides, accompanied by 8 detailed supporting documents to guide you in treating your patients.


"I was about to post about my nerdy Friday night listening to Naava’s talk, love her perspective and attention to detail, and so many extra resources!"

Participant in the 2020 International Integrated Chinese Medicine Conference, where an earlier version of this course was delivered


  Course content

  1. Identifying lichen sclerosus

  • Differential diagnosis 
  • Appearance on different skin
  • Causes of lichen sclerosus

2. The lived experience of patients

  • The patriarchal medical approach
  • The impact on daily life
  • Shame and pain

3. The Immune System

  • Overview of reproductive immunology
  • How lichen sclerosus and reproductive immunology intersect
  • Western medical treatments

4. A TCM approach to treatment

  • The difference between Damp and Heat and Damp Heat
  • TCM pathological flows

5. Other approaches to support treatment

  • Functional medicine approach
  • Lifestyle approach 
  • Mind-body approaches to reducing stress

6. Conclusion

  • How to respect, empower and support your clients
  • Further study options to go even deeper

Continuing Education Credits

This course is accredited by the following bodies:

  • NCCAOM: 4 PDA points
  • ABORM: 4 CEUs
  • Florida Board of Acupuncture: 4 CE credits

Certificates of completion of 4 hours of continuing education are available on request for these bodies or other regulatory bodies.

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